Grape Roots creates land, community, and self-sustainability through its efforts in urban farming and agriculture. The farming of organic food stimulates local economy, improves public health and protects the environment. Community-based agriculture has the potential for creating jobs, developing small business entrepreneurship and keeping precious dollars in the community.

At Grape Roots, we seek to utilize innovative, modern technology to increase and improve sustainability and provide access to increased resources. Tech Guru, Malcolm Benson, provides Grape Roots with the latest technological tools to expand the economic sector in urban communities through organic farming and the creation of green spaces. Green spaces not only help to reduce the carbon footprint, they also create safe places, where residents can feel a sense of pride and attachment to their community. The rise in urban agriculture is associated with the social justice movement because it helps communities establish more control over local food systems. Similarly, Grape Roots is a part of a movement which creates self-sustainability in urban communities and helps to make organic food and farming the norm rather than just the green alternative.

Keeping the community healthy!