Grape Roots is committed to educating individuals in urban communities on growing fresh, local, organic food. The overall goal is to provide hands on practice, practical experiences, and knowledge in the realm of farming and agriculture to individuals in urban communities. Grape Root’s educational efforts include, but are not limited to the following:

• Farm Tours: A great educational introduction to farming that teaches the community about ecology, biodiversity and conservation. This tour provides a farm life experience and an interesting opportunity for community members to get back to their “Roots” by learning how their food is produced.

• Lunch & Learns: A fun learning experience that fosters community and shared understanding with regard to simple agricultural practices. Lunch & Learns are 30-45-minute training or presentation sessions designed to provide community members with opportunities to learn about innovations in agriculture and discover concrete strategies for cultivating land and crops, while enjoying a healthy appetizing lunch. (Lunch will be provided through our sponsors.)

• Cooking Demonstrations: These demonstrations will provide instruction on how to appropriately prepare meals that incorporate food directly harvested from the garden. Participants will learn innovative ways to maximize nutrients while also maintaining mouthwatering flavor.

• Workshops: Educational programs that teach the community about composting, building nutrient quality soil, growing from seeds and seedlings, harvesting seeds, growing seasons, developing planting calendars and garden layouts, companion planting, constructing raised garden beds, trouble shooting and treating diseased crops, watering and conservation, pollinator gardens.

• Farmer Training: Trainings designed to help aspiring, new, or beginning farmers learn information and practice skills needed to farm from the ground up.

• Urban Farm-To-School: This program brings food and farming education into the classroom, in an effort to create a holistic and well-rounded educational environment for students. The objective is to enrich the connection communities have with fresh, healthy food and local food producers by changing food purchasing and education practices at schools. These efforts provide students with access to healthy, local foods as well as education opportunities such as school gardens, cooking lessons and farm field trips. Urban Farm-To-School empowers children and their families to make informed food choices, while strengthening the local economy and contributing to vibrant communities.

• Health & Wellness Talks: These talks provide research based, scientific information to improve health and wellness, are delivered by health specialist and Registered Dietitian, Tasha Temple and cover a variety of topics including but not limited to:

  • Farm to Table – The Art of Incorporating Foods from the Farm in Everyday Meals and Snacks
  • Creative Ways to Increase Fruit and Vegetable Intake
  • How Herbs Improve Health
  • Current Food Trends
  • Clean Eating
  • Maintaining Good Gut Health – An in Depth Look at Pre and Probiotics
  • Nutrition 101
  • The Power of Protein
  • The Real Truth About Carbohydrates
  • Facing the Facts about Fat
  • Nutrition and Technology
  • Agriculture and Technology
  • Successful Weight Management
  • Prediabetes – Preventing and Prolonging the Onset of Diabetes
  • Diabetes 101 – Diabetes Management
  • Heart Health
  • Healthy Aging
  • Keeping Yourself – and your Family – Healthy
Keeping the community healthy!