“Rooted” is a Grape Roots program that increases self-sustainability through building local, organic gardens. This program encourages and supports members of the community to personally engage in building their own garden to raise awareness about healthy eating, reduce food costs and to empower self-efficacy. Rooted provides urban communities with inspiring, research-based gardening resources and relevant learning experiences for children, youth, and adults. Through these efforts the community has an opportunity to enjoy fresh, local, organic food from their own gardens. Resources provided include starter seeds, seedlings and transplanted crops, compost, soil, safe fertilizer, worms, hardware for structural needs and a wealth of educational information..

Rooted provides education on the following topics:

• Land, Compost and Soil
• Garden Styles (to match needs of soil)
• Seasonal Needs / Growing Calendar
• Landscaping and Structural Needs
• Garden Care (watering, recognizing and treating disease, recognizing and treating nutritional soil deficiencies)

Grape Roots runs and operates a community “Urban Learning Farm” that grows and cultivates crops and livestock year round in an effort to teach, inspire, and empower the community. Grape Roots provides the community with opportunities to taste delicious fruits and vegetables found growing in the "Urban Learning Farm”. Overall the Learning Farm is a place to explore sustainability education and begin to understand the factors that make a farm/garden sustainable.

Intertwined Roots is a program which provides the community with a space to gather, interact and network. This program brings nature into urban environments and connects people to the food they eat and neighbors they share it with. An “Intertwined Roots’ night is filled with fun, food and fellowship. Tables are decorated with a variety food and herbs directly harvested from the Learning Farm. Delicious dishes are prepared from original recipes created by the founders of Grape Roots.

“Intertwined Roots” is an awesome opportunity to become acquainted with the founders of Grape Roots. You will interact with the community, eat and taste delicious food in unique ways and experience the benefits of supporting local urban communities. Love donations accepted.
Keeping the community healthy!