Grape Roots is an organization which uses grass roots efforts to increase awareness and opportunities in urban agriculture. Grape Roots got it's start on Grape Street in southeast Atlanta, Georgia. “Grape” represents the organization’s founding location and “Roots” symbolizes the anchor and support the organization’s efforts provide in urban communities along with the connection to the earth.

Grape Roots was founded, owned and operated by Tasha Temple, Malcolm Benson and Sarah Frisby, as a collective. They see farming as a hub of innovation and as a service and commitment to social good, and together they bring a unique blend of expertise and innovation to Grape Roots.

Tasha Temple has a focus on the preventative health benefits of eating whole, nutrient rich foods and educating the community on how eating and growing food can replenish, restore and rejuvenate physical, mental, and emotional health. Tasha also has extensive experience and expertise in treating diet related medical conditions and specializes in diabetes treatment and prevention.

Malcolm Benson has a unique niche in merging agriculture and technology that creates expansive opportunities for the future of agriculture in urban communities. His focus is on creating flourishing communities and bringing individuals together from all socioeconomic backgrounds to build self-sufficiency and social capital for urban areas.

Sarah Frisby is a licensed horticulturist whose passion is connecting people with one another and to the planet with the power of plants. She has studied and grown vegetation for over 20 years ranging in projects from interior, tropical plant design, residential & commercial landscape design to growing edible food for clients and her community. Sarah is a steward of the environment and her inspiration & intention is to connect individuals & communities to their roots by teaching them how to grow, to play and to love flowers, trees, shrubs, vegetables and thereby love themselves. Sarah believes the vehicle to foster a connection to oneself and to others is through the act of planting.


Grape Roots was created on the belief that increasing community involvement in agriculture will increase access to and consumption of fresh and local food. They establish a connection to growing food which can make all the difference in living a healthy lifestyle. The main focus is to educate communities on how to cultivate and sustain land for the purpose of growing foods that support health, wellness and community cultivation. The founders share an overall vision is to be a vessel in creating a future in which optimal health, innovation and ecological balance are an inherent part of urban communities.
Keeping the community healthy!